Business + Process + Automation

Do any of the following items affect your productivity and by extension your profitability:

  1. Lack of process or procedure?
  2. Staff motivation or retention?
  3. Manually repeating the same tasks over and over again?
  4. Minor errors, causing delays in completing tasks?
  5. Insight into your business?

If you answered yes to any of these items, then business process software, such as DVANA Workstreem might be your solution.

1 – Lack of process and/or procedure

If, for any reason, processes and procedures are not fit-for-purpose, such as they’re dated, nobody follows them, they’re too complex, or time consuming, then they serve no purpose. There’s no functional difference between no process and one unfit for use. In this case, none of the benefits of processes, such as insight into progress, are available to the business. This, in turn, means work takes longer and becomes more taxing to the employee.

Solving the lack of effective processes issues simply requires either one of our toolkits or through consultation. We consider our consultation the most effective, as it yields processes intended for automation into either Checklists or Workstreems, as appropriate.

Productivity requires systems…

2 – Staff Motivation or retention

When people must do the same tasks repeatedly, it can become demotivating. We all want to go to work and help people, solve problems, and get through our expected work before going home, satisfied at the end of the day. In the modern workplace, all too often we follow a digital version of the old manual system. Filing documents in a digital drawer, rather than a physical one. We create letters in the same was as with a typewriter, only digitally.

This is no longer necessary. Tools exist to make all those tasks take seconds rather than minutes, without errors. This change in approach, gives employees a mental health boost, reduces errors and generally improves productivity. Getting DVANA Workstreem becomes an easy decision.

3 - Manually repeating the same tasks over and over again?

A significant contribution to employee dissatisfaction and fatigue is repeating the same tasks many times a day. This becomes particularly disheartening when the task is menial. That’s not something they look forward to doing, as there is little to no job satisfaction from completing the task. An obvious example is creating letters or filing documents. The tasks are important needs doing, but it needs doing accurately, but they offer little in the way of job satisfaction. In fact, only when it goes wrong, do people notice.

Like so many things, these low satisfaction tasks can be semi-automated. This is where DVANA Workstreem comes in, you can create documents in seconds rather than in half an hour. You can file documents in seconds rather than minutes. This speed up is great for productivity and for job satisfaction. People know the job is complete and done well. To standard, with the minimum of interaction and fuss.

Processes requires training…

4 - Minor errors, causing delays in completing tasks?

One productivity time killer is the making of small mistakes. This can be simply filling out a document incorrectly, with the date, client information, company data, you name it. It doesn’t have to be much, but the editing and re-editing of the document all takes time, requires checking each time. Until eventually it is correct. Once again, this is demotivating and leads to poor job satisfaction which, in turn, leads to staff turnover.

But it doesn’t need to be this way. Generating documents with minimal employee input. Letting the technology do the bits it can do and the people doing the bits only they can do. While, at first glance, it looks like the technology is taking work from people, it really means that the people do what they do best and the machine what it does best. A win for you in terms of productivity and profitability, along with you and them having higher job satisfaction. Leading to staff retention.

5 - Insight into your business?

Not knowing who is doing what, when and how, make keeping on top of tasks challenging. What’s worse, if there aren’t standard processes, then everyone will do things their own way. Further hampering insight, leading to tasks slipping through the cracks and deadlines missed.

With DVANA Workstreem, you have tools to guide employees through the procedure, bubbling to the top the most pressing item to work on next. Thus, ensuring nothing falls by the wayside. All the tasks completed optimally. Giving you the insight and the assurance that people are working optimally. Not only that, but your employee’s mental health improves, as the software tracks tasks on their behalf, and that they have a tool to help them go home happy every day.

Change requires support…

To optimise full productivity and to gain all the other benefits, such as improved profitability, better customer relationships, increased mental health, staff retention, happier employees, easier training, etc. It’s necessary to make sure that your systems; that is processes and procedures, your computers, networking, and other tools are all up to the job. In general, the computer should wait for the person and not the person for the computer. People’s time is precious and not wasted.

To help you with all that, we can provide the processes and procedures you need. Provide the computers and software systems, tailor them to your needs for maximum productivity. We do all this, while bringing your staff along, making them part of the changes. It just so happens that change management is something we’re extremely good at.

If you need someone to manage the entire process, or just one part, then you’ve come to the right place.

This is DVANA Workstreem

Our unique software system, DVANA Workstreem, designed especially for small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) working in the professional services sector might just be the solution you’re looking for to take productivity to the next level.


How do you want to work with us?

  1. You do everything, but with our guidance.
  2. Alternatively, we take the stress away from you by doing everything.
  3. Or we share the tasks.

We’ll always work together, as a team, exactly how we leave up to you, but with the goal of boosting your productivity and improving your business.

Next steps

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